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Tax Planning

The primary focus of our tax services is to plan and strategize-tax burdens can often be minimized or deferred through careful planning. While economic decisions should not be solely based on tax strategy, tax obligation must be carefully considered. We encourage you to consult with us before you make a critical business decisions, as we can help you anticipate, reduce or defer tax consequences.

Our firm has a comprehensive Electronic Tax Library providing access to the latest tax-related news, government regulations and legal cases. Our professionals regularily attend professional industry seminars so that we stay current with leading edge "tax technology."

Individual tax services include working with your investment advisors to provide tax strategies for your investing, and with your attorney to develop your estate plan to minimize estate taxes and protect your family.

As you form and grow your business we will advise you concerning important tax issues including:

And finally, when the year comes to an end, we will be here to prepare your income tax returns. We can prepare federal and all state tax returns for individuals and businesses.