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Business Valuations

Certified Valuation Analyst David E. Pascucci, MSBA, CPA, CVA, offers Business Valuation and Litigation Consultation - an essential tool in planning for business growth and change.

As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), accredited through the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, Mr. Pascucci has completed the extensive education and training in selecting the most appropriate methodology for valuation of your business, applying a series of calculations and formulas to arrive at a fair conclusion of value. Certification standards are intended to assure adherence to an industry acceptable level of care, due diligence, thoroughness and quality, and ethical guidelines.

If a significant portion of your estate is reflected in your privately held company, then its actual value, or worth, is often unknown because, unlike stock in a public company, there is no active market to sell or trade that interest from which to ascertain or approximate value. Asset diversification, estate planning and succession planning require a careful understanding of the value of your business.

There are many other reasons a closely held company needs a business valuation:

Adequacy of Life Insurance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Purchases & Sales
Charitable Contributions
Disruption of a Business
Eminent Domain
Gifting Programs and Gift Taxes
Obtaining Financing
Partner and Shareholder Disputes
Business Dissolution
Divorce Settlements
Estate and Succession Planning

In addition, our objective, third-party valuations are of use in the calculation of damages in litigation as well as intangible property value determinations.

A Vital Management Tool

A properly prepared business valuation provides management with insightful information that helps to identify company strength and weaknesses that affect value, allowing more effective focus of resources. Periodic review and re-valuation also serves as a measurement tool for success and management effectiveness.

Our business valuation service requires a thorough overview of every aspect of enterprise dynamics, including:
Management Capabilities

Company Strengths, Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities
Financial Health
Profit Potential
Competitive Environment
Overall Marketplace Expectations
Industry Prospects

As a result, the valuation process becomes a tool for business owners and senior management to understand the implications of the above dynamics on business value.